Flossing, rinsing and brushing your teeth are the basics of good oral health you have to understand that this is only the beginning. For a healthy mouth, it will take you a little more than his every day.  You should think about improving your brushing technique, changing your food habits and saying goodbye to some items.

Here is what you can do to keep your mouth healthy

Visit the dentist

Most people feel like you are not obligated to visits the dentist when you have a good dental health routine.  This is especially very wrong; some of the oral dental issues cannot be detected without the help of a dentist.  Most adults ditch the dentist because of low finances, phobia, and neglect.  If you spend time consecutively at your dentist you will avoid different dental issues.  Oral health issues like gum disease, decay, oral cancer and trauma can be detected and treated while they are still at an early age.  They also make dental healthcare more affordable for the average person.

How old are you?

You would think that older adults and children do not need as much dental healthcare as middle aged individuals but that is not true.  They will need more oral hygiene maintenance like the rest of the people. All children should visit a dentist when they are at least one and their teeth have started setting in. Both need help cleaning and flossing their teeth. The difference is that older people have more oral issues. if they happen to have arthritis, flossing and brushing can be quiet challenging since the amount of saliva in their mouth decreases. This means that they are more prone to tooth decay and discomfort

Keep away from the soda

Fizzy is delicious and fun but very bad for your dental health.  The citric acid and phosphoric acid in soda will eat away a layer of your enamel. Taking soda occasionally will have zero effect on your teeth, taking it daily is dangerous. Your enamel will soften making it susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. Water is safe and healthier to drink; you can add mint and berries to make it more fun and flavourful.

Avoid the sugar

Sugar is another product in soda that can fuel acidity and bacteria in your mouth. It causes plaque formation which eventually eats away your gums and enamel.  To avoid any tooth decay, you should cut down on sugar intake and increase dental healthcare routine

Use the right toothbrush

Go for a brush with softer bristles and ensure you use the right technique to brush your teeth. You should change your brush every two to three months; do not wait until you can spot bent bristles on your brush.

Practice good technique and flossing Even though you brush your teeth more than twice a day, it does not guarantee that your oral hygiene is perfect. Your technique matters more than anything. Ensure you hold your brush at a 45 degree angle at the fun line and use short and gentle circular motions.  Flossing is a healthy practice for your teeth and gums.