The field of medicine keeps growing as new technology is introduced to us every day. Doctors say that the electric toothbrush is one of the greatest inventions even when it sounds complicated.  If you are looking for the best and the easiest way to clean and take care of your teeth, check out this article

Which one should you chose

The plaque removing abilities

The main purpose of a toothbrush is to remove plaque from your teeth, stimulate the gums, and prevent gum disease and tooth decay.  The initial electric toothbrush did not have much of a difference to the basic manual one but the current models are created to solely promote good health.  The brush you choose will depend on your personal preferences.

The brushing techniques and ease of use

Generally, brushing teeth is c=not complicated. There is a right way of doing it and there is the wrong method. With the manual brush, you need to hold it at a 45 degree angle on your teeth. Holding it from the gum line, you need to rotate it in a circular motion and move it up and down each tooth.  The right toothbrush will let you reach the back teeth.  With the electric brush, you have to hold it at the specific angle and let it do the circulation on its own. The good thing with electric toothbrush is that it has a smaller head and allows you to reach more areas in your mouth. The electric brush can use vibration, oscillation or sonic technology. 

The manual brush has a very simple design but can be very difficult to use since you need to hold it in the right angle and use the correct motion at the same time.  the electric brush might e heavier but the motion on the teeth is controlled by the brush.


Generally, manual toothbrush is way cheaper than the electric brush.  The cost depends on the brand and material used to make the toothbrush. The electric brush is very expensive  and the performance depends on the make and features.

Here are the benefits of an electric toothbrush

Unlike a manual toothbrush, the electric brush does all the work for you.  The electric or rechargeable toothbrush is the ultimate plaque remover. Most people find using powered toothbrushes better that using the manual ones.  They have multiple features and it is easy to find a toothbrush for your oral health issues. The electric brushes work with a oscillation rotation action that helps to remove plaque and reduce gingivitis. It does this more effectively than the manual brushed.

Electric toothbrushes are easy to use and make brushing teeth easier and more effective.  You do not have to move it back and forth like the manual toothbrush; they provide the cleaning action for you. All you have to do is move it along the surface of your teeth.   You will get the hang of it faster than you may think. It is perfect for people with arthritis because it makes brushing of your teeth less painful. An electric toothbrush will also help your children brush their teeth better and more effectively. Ensure you check the age recommendation before you let your child use any electric toothbrush.