We are a reputed dental clinic offering the best treatments to the people since a long time. We have a team of specialized doctors who can easily diagnose the issue and provide the right treatment. We are also there to help those who do not have enough funds to get the required treatment. We also offer online consultation to the patients making it easier for them to get the prescription sitting at their home.

What do we do?

  1. Teeth whitening –stained and yellow teeth are a matter of embarrassment and we can help you in getting over this issue by proving teeth whitening services. We offer different teeth whitening methods like bleaching the teeth usingCarbamide Peroxide gel, teeth whitening through plasma system, Zoom method which is very effective and fast and also the laser light method for whitening teeth.
  2. Crowns, veneers and bridges-these options are considered the bestfor fixing the damaged, missing or decayed teeth. We cover the teeth through thecrown veneers to restore the ideal arrangement and anatomic contours of the teeth. We also provide tooth laminating servicesso as to enhance the front look of the teeth.
  3. Root canal therapy –we provide this treatment when the root pulp gets infected through cavity, or cracked filling. We identify the infected material and replace it with materials like gutta percha. An adhesive is used to ensure that the material is sealed in completely.

There are a whole lot of other services as well that we offer like invisalign, dentures, mouth sores and several others.

How are we different?

We are highly professional dental experts and keep our procedures fast and easy so that the patient does not have to face problem in getting the treatment.Our fee and pricing structure issimple and affordable as compared to other dental hospitals.